Frank D’Arpino, born in Düsseldorf, started playing records as a selector in the early ’90s (as DJ Fanta, later DJ Phanta). Musically socialised by the exploding diversity of youth cultures of the mid-late eighties, he never felt bound or commited to a certain scene: Postpunk, Hip Hop, Acid Techno, Chicago House, Electro, EBM, Post Rock, Shoegaze, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore. After the millenium “future-music” like Drum&Bass or IDM lost more and more influence in his sets, making space for a more straight House and Techno approach.  Around 2010, he finally found his musical home as a resident in the Salon des Amateurs: An open „club-not-club“, social space and dancey sweatbox at the same time. A place where music matters and the rules of contemperary DJ-sets are bent. During countless nights with his friends and colleagues, he was encouraged and compelled to step out of his comfort-zone and to play a wide range of styles and speeds, without losing touch.  Again, he learned a new eclectic and cosmic approach to his musical spectrum. Leaving behind the linear way of Djing and bringing back a way of freestyling with the belief in unconvential music on the dancefloor.