Gregor Darman aka Rasputin and 50% of the Phaserboys is one of the youngest chicks of the Posse but nevertheless one of the best skilled key players around with a huge spectrum of musical knowledge. Born at the same day and marked with the same name like the famous Rasputin in St. Petersburg, Russia, he was raised in Düsseldorf where he later entered the vaults of local music history and occurences in a pretty early age around his 17th birthday in 2014 and from then on developed into a very well known face of the local scene. As part of the next Salon des Amateurs generation he contributes to the city with a unique presence of styles and sounds always on the look out for the mystical like his namesake. Besides that he delivers hazy and vague grooves & rhythms as a DJ - his eclecticism leads you over experimental soundscapes to pulsating grooves somewhere inbetween the last 4 decades of electronic and electronic approached themes. He is also one of the headz behind the young düsseldorfian candomblé label.